Fox Valley Chapter Officers


Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Eric Ingersoll, Don Parrish, Mike Campagnolo, Harry Reineke, Ted Miller & Scott Sanders. Not shown: Jon Fixmer, Dan Smith, Don Shee, Bob Baird, Dale Bottom and Chuck Sener.

Our basic Chapter documents are our Constitution and Bylaws.

Committees & Projects and their Chairmen for 2012 - 2013

Committees/Projects Chairman
Color Guard Rod Herbig
DAR Liaison Mike Campagnolo/Rod Herbig
Eagle Scouts Rod Herbig
Flag Awards Scott Sanders
Genealogy Vacant
Heroism Award Vacant
Knight Essay/Raumbaugh Oration Kevin Alcott
Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS Award Rod Herbig
Membership and Recruitment Vacant
Newsletter Editor Mike Campagnolo
Outstanding Citizenship Awards Bob Baird
Patriot Grave Markings Vacant
Public Relations Vacant
ROTC Awards Dale Bottom
Veteran's Welfare Don Shee

Former Officers for 2012 - 2013

Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Don Shee, Don Parrish, Mike Campagnolo, Bob Baird, Scott Sanders, Dale Bottom, Rod Herbig, Andy Baffes & Bruce Talbot. Not shown: Harry Reineke, Eric Ingersoll and Chuck Sener.

Former Officers for 2010 - 2011

Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Ron Smith, Don Parrish, Dave Bailey, Dale Bottom, Michael McMeins, Mike Johnston, Bruce Talbot, Chuck Sener & Bob Baird.