Fox Valley Chapter Founding & Officer History

The Fox Valley Chapter was organized on Veterans Day 1981 at Denny's Restaurant in Aurora. This page commemorates the founding officers and charter members.
  • James M. Liptrap, President
  • David A. Ralston, Vice President
  • V. Robert Baird, Secretary
  • Thomas C. Hull, Jr., Treasurer
  • T. Nathan Clark, Registrar
  • Leslie P. Overcash, Chaplain
  • Richard E. Willson, Historian

The charter members are listed below the photo of the founding officers.

Summary & Photos of 25th Anniversary Celebration.


Fox Valley Chapter Founding Officers

Photo of Officers

Left to right, in front: Liptrap, Baird, Hull and in rear: Clark, Ralston, Willson.


Fox Valley Chapter Charter Members

  Name 1981 Location Comment
1  Gregory W. Anderson  Park Ridge  Current member living in Alburquerque, NM
2  V. Robert Baird  Elmhurst  Still a chapter officer
3  Kenneth A. Burt  Aurora  
4  T. Nathan Clark  Naperville  
5  Thomas C. Hull, Jr.  St. Charles  
6  James M. Liptrap  Rochelle  Current member living in Spring, TX
7  William C. Mitchell  Wheaton  
8  Leslie P. Overcash  Aurora  
9  David A. Ralston  Plano  
10  George W. Weston  Aurora  Now deceased
11  Richard E. Willson  Ottawa  ILSSAR Librarian in 1981; later moved to Ohio
12  Byron W. Moore  Lisle  Application pending at founding
13  William H. Niemann  Lisle  Application pending at founding
14  Robert A. Pearson  Naperville  Application pending at founding; current member
15  Douglas Miller  St. Louis, MO  Former CAR President who joined in early 1982
On November 5, 2006, the organizing President of the Fox Valley Chapter, Jim Liptrap, spoke to the 25th anniversary banquet of the Fox Valley chapter. Read his speech. You will enjoy reviewing the interesting Yearbook for 1983 - 84.
In July 2005, the organizing President of the Fox Valley Chapter, Jim Liptrap, visited SAR headquarters in Louisville, KY to research the history of two officer positions as published in the National SAR Magazine.

History of Fox Valley Chapter Officers

Year President Secretary
1982  James M Liptrap  V Robert Baird
1983  David A Ralston  V Robert Baird
1984  Robert A Pearson  V Robert Baird
1985  Robert A Pearson  V Robert Baird
1986  Robert V Morris  V Robert Baird
1987  Robert V Morris  Irvin E McElhinny
1988  Robert V Morris  Irvin E McElhinny
1989  Robert V Morris  Irvin E McElhinny
1990  Dean L Childs  V Robert Baird
1991  David C Bailey  Dean L Childs
1992  David C Bailey  Dean L Childs
1993  Francis X Zeimetz  Richard G Jones
1994  Francis X Zeimetz  Robert E Delaney
1995  Laurence E Seits  Francis X Zeimetz
1996  Robert E Delaney  Dr. Donald J Farrimond
1997  Robert E Delaney  Robert E Delaney
1998  Dr. Donald J Farrimond  Robert E Delaney
1999  Charles J Sener  Dr. Donald J Farrimond
2000  Dr. John A Ruskamp, Jr.  Charles J Sener
2001  Dr. John A Ruskamp, Jr.  Charles J Sener
2002  John D May  Dr. John A Ruskamp, Jr.
2003  Donald M Parrish, Jr  Dr. John A Ruskamp, Jr.
2004  Donald M Parrish, Jr  Dr. John A Ruskamp, Jr.
2005  Donald M Parrish, Jr  Bruce R Talbot
2006  Donald M Parrish, Jr  Bruce R Talbot
2007  Donald M Parrish, Jr  Bruce R Talbot
2008  Michael R Johnston  Michael J McMeins, Sr
2009  Michael R Johnston  Michael J McMeins, Sr
2010  Bruce R Talbot  Michael J McMeins, Sr
2011  Bruce R Talbot  Michael J McMeins, Sr
2012  Roderick W Herbig  Mike Campagnolo
2013  Roderick W Herbig  Mike Campagnolo
2014  Mike Campagnolo  David Olson
2015  Mike Campagnolo  Harry Reineke IV
2016  Mike Campagnolo  Harry Reineke IV
2017  Harry Reineke IV  Kevin Alcott
2018  Harry Reineke IV  Kevin Alcott
2019  Ted Miller  Kevin Alcott
2020  Ted Miller  Kevin Alcott

Fox Valley Chapter Memorials

Bob Baird Memorial