Fox Valley Chapter Officers


FVOfficers 2024

Left to Right: Matt Clark, Jon Fixmer, Marty Callahan, Eric Ingersoll, Mike Campagnolo, Paul Carenen, Scott DeMuth, Clyde Ruble, Geoff Carlson, Ron Feldman, Don Parrish & Ted Miller.
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Our basic Chapter documents are our Constitution and Bylaws.


Left to Right: Mike Campagnolo, (back to camera) Harry Reineke, John Lansing, Ted Miller, Jon Fixmer, Kevin Alcott, Eric Ingersoll, Terry Benshoof, Chip Dawes & Don Parrish.
Not shown: Don Shee, Bob Baird and Chuck Sener.
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Committees & Projects and their Chairmen for 2019 - 2020

Committees/Projects Chairman
DAR Liaison Mike Campagnolo and Terry Benshoof
Eagle Scouts Ron Feldman
Flag Awards Scott Sanders
Genealogy Harry Brunner
Heroism Award Open
Knight Essay/Raumbaugh Oration Open
Ladies Auxiliary Open
Merchandise Open, Currently Ted Miller
Outstanding Citizenship Awards Kevin Alcott
Patriot Grave Markings Ron Feldman
Police/Fire/EMS Award Open
ROTC Awards Mike Campagnolo
Veterans Terry Benshoof

Former Officers for 2016 - 2018

Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Eric Ingersoll, Don Parrish, Mike Campagnolo, Harry Reineke, Ted Miller & Scott Sanders. Not shown: Jon Fixmer, Dan Smith, Don Shee, Bob Baird, Dale Bottom and Chuck Sener.

Former Officers for 2012 - 2013

Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Don Shee, Don Parrish, Mike Campagnolo, Bob Baird, Scott Sanders, Dale Bottom, Rod Herbig, Andy Baffes & Bruce Talbot. Not shown: Harry Reineke, Eric Ingersoll and Chuck Sener.

Former Officers for 2010 - 2011

Photo of Officers

Left to Right: Ron Smith, Don Parrish, Dave Bailey, Dale Bottom, Michael McMeins, Mike Johnston, Bruce Talbot, Chuck Sener & Bob Baird.

Founding of the Chapter

The story of the founding of the Fox Valley chapter is given here. That page includes a list of charter members and a complete list of all chapter Presidents and Secretaries since the founding in 1982.