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Private Jeremiah Austin 1760 - 1846

This page contains information on Jeremiah Austin, one of the soldiers who fought in the American Revolution and who are buried in one of the counties adjacent to the counties served by the Fox Valley Chapter. This page contains his biography.


Biography of Patriot Jeremiah Austin


Jeremiah Austin was born in Charlestown, Washington County, Rhode Island on December 30, 1760.

Jeremiah Austin was drafted into the Rhode Island militia on January 1, 1777 in Richmondtown, Rhode Island as part of Captain Maxonís company in Colonel Thomas Potterís regiment. The regiment was marched "from place to place", wherever the enemy was expected to appear.

Jeremiah Austin enlisted for one year in the Continental Line of Rhode Island in May 1777 in a company commanded by Captain Oliver Clark that was part of Captain Malachi Hammetís company in the regiment of Colonel Joseph Stanton, and served in this regiment until they were discharged on March 16, 1778.

On the same day of this discharge he re-enlisted for another one year term in Colonel John Tophamís regiment, in a company commanded by Captain Benjamin Hoppin.

During this term of service Jeremiah Austin took part in the Battle of Newport, Rhode Island at Quaker Hill in August 1778. During this engagement Jeremiah was wounded twice: once by a musket ball, and once by a bayonet, indicating the combat was hand-to-hand. Jeremiah was discharged from the Colonel Potter's regiment on March 16, 1779.

After the war he lived in Whiting and Westford, Vermont. He married Ester Colgrove on January 18, 1824 in Franklin County, Vermont.

On August 17, 1832 in Chittenden County, Vermont, Jeremiah Austin applied for a pension for his service. At the time he was a resident of Fairfax in Chittenden County. He was placed on the pension rolls at the rate of $78.28 per annum.

Jeremiah Austin and his wife Ester came west to Illinois and arrived at their daughter Hannahís home in Plainfield, Illinois on May 12, 1846. It was here that Jeremiah Austin died on May 20, 1846 aged 86 years. He is buried in an unknown (at this time) cemetery in Plainfield, Illinois.

Jeremiah Austinís Revolutionary War pension file #W.8.105