Fox Valley Chapter Patriots


This page has information on 19 soldiers who fought in the American Revolution and who are buried in Northeastern Illinois. The Patriot's surname is linked to a biography written by Michael Johnston or to the Illinois Trails website.

We have located and Don Parrish has phographed these 15 patriot graves:
William Bennett, Daniel Burroughs, Henry Collins, John Cook,
Charles Denny, John Dudley, John Gowdy, William Hewes,
Aaron Miner, Henry Misner, Abner Powers, Eli Skinner,
Frederick Vaughan, Gideon Warner, and Israel Warner.

We support the SAR grave marking program. See a grave photo for Thomas Posey, buried downstate, the only Revolutionary War General buried in Illinois.


Revolutionary War Soldiers

Dupage RW VetsThe Fox Valley chapter has worked for many years to create a list of the Revolutionary War soldiers buried in the chapter's or adjacent counties. This is an on-going project and we appreciate the help of the DAR, the local historical & genealogical societies and concerned individuals.

This tablet was originally placed in the old Court House in Wheaton. Today it is located in the 421 Building in the DuPage County Govenment complex on County Farm Road in Wheaton.

Name Surname Cemetery City County Monument
 Jeremiah  AUSTIN  Unknown  Plainfield  Will Photo of Obelisk
 William  BENNETT  God's Little Acre  Near Wasco  Kane
 Daniel  BURROUGHS  Griswold  Plano  Kendall
 Parker  CHASE  Unknown  Unknown  DuPage
 Henry  COLLINS  Mt. Rest  Wadsworth  Lake
 John  COOK  Oakwood  Joliet  Will
 Charles  DENNY  Pioneer  Mokena  Will
 John  DUDLEY  Naperville  Naperville  DuPage
 John  GOWDY  East Batavia  Batavia  Kane
 Job  HALLIDAY  Unknown  Ottawa  LaSalle
 William  HEWES  Crete  Crete  Will
 Thomas  MATTESON  Unknown  Unknown  DuPage
 Aaron  MINER  Elk Grove  Elk Grove  Cook
 Henry  MISNER  Millington-Newark  Millington  Kendall
 Abner  POWERS  Lily Lake  Lily Lake  Kane
 Eli  SKINNER  Elk Grove  Elk Grove  Cook
 Frederick  VAUGHAN  Spring Lake  Aurora  Kane
 Gideon  WARNER  Pleasant Hill  Wheaton  DuPage
 Israel  WARNER  Big Woods  Aurora  DuPage
The magnificent 30 foot high obelisk was erected in 1902 to honor Abner Powers. It is located by his grave in the Lily Lake Cemetery on Illinois Route 47 less than a mile north of Route 64.

Patriot Graves in Kane and Kendall Counties

Patriot William Bennett John Gowdy Abner Powers Frederick Vaughan Daniel Burroughs Henry Misner
County Kane Kendall
Enlistment years 1776 - 1782 1776 - 1778 1777 - 1782 1780 - 1782 1775 - 1783 1777 - 1781
Revolutionary War Battles Garrison Duty
Fort Anne
Garrison Duty
and Fort
Valley Forge
Garrison Duty Saratoga Indian Spy
Age at Death 87 years
9 m 6 d
94 years
8 mo 24 d
91 years
10 m 4 d
78 years
8 m 14 d
88 years
4 m 20 d
88 years
3 days
Grave Photo William Bennett Grave John Gowdy Grave Abner Powers Obelisk Vaughan Grave Daniel Burroughs Grave Henry Misner Grave
DAR Marker 1996 2004 No 1914 1970 1897
SAR Marker No 2004 No No 2005 Yes
Cemetery God's Little Acre Eastside Lily Lake Spring Lake Griswold Millington
Son in War of 1812? Under review Under review Yes Yes Yes Yes

Patriot Graves in DuPage and Will Counties

Patriot John Dudley Gideon Warner Israel Warner John Cook Charles Denny William Hewes
County DuPage Will
Enlistment years 1776 - 1777 1778 - 1779 1777 - 1783 1776 - 1782 1777 - 1781 1780 - 1780
Revolutionary War Battles Trenton
Garrison Duty Bennington Brooklyn
Garrison Duty
and Fort
Garrison Duty
Age at Death 87 years
10 m 20 d
  93 years
7 mo 25 d
75 years
9 mo 29 d
79 years
7 m 11 d
94 years
2 m 11 d
Grave Photo Dudley Grave Text Warner Grave Warner Grave John Cook Grave Charles Denny Grave Henry Collins Grave
DAR Marker Yes No No 1994 1939 Yes
SAR Marker Yes No No No No No
Cemetery Naperville Pleasant Hill Big Woods Oakwood Pioneer Old Crete
Son in War of 1812? Under Review Under Review No Yes Under Review Yes

Patriot Graves in Cook and Lake Counties

Patriot Aaron Miner Eli Skinner Henry Collins      
County Cook Lake      
Enlistment years 1775 - 1780 1775 - 1777 1781 - 1784      
Revolutionary War Battles Fort St. John
Long Island
White Plains
Garrison Duty Garrison Duty      
Age at Death 92 years
11 d
90 years
11 m 2 d
83 years
11 m 26 d
Grave Photo Aaron Miner Grave Eli Skinner Grave Henry Collins Grave      
DAR Marker Yes 1931 No      
SAR Marker No No Yes      
Cemetery Elk Grove Elk Grove Mount Rest      
Son in War of 1812? Under Review Under Review Under Review