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Private Job Halliday 1755 - 1844+

This page contains information on Job Halliday, one of the soldiers who fought in the American Revolution and who are buried in one of the counties adjacent to the counties served by the Fox Valley Chapter. This page contains his biography.


Biography of Patriot Job Halliday


Job Halliday was born in Montgomery, Hampden County, Massachusetts on January 15, 1755.

On March 1, 1776, at the age of 21, while residing in the town of Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts Job Halliday enlisted for a nine month term in the Massachusetts State Militia in a company commanded by Captain Shepard in the regiment of Colonel Porter.

The company left Westfield on March 15, 1776 with 100 men, together with several other militia companies from the area for the purpose of "reversing the siege" at Quebec which had commenced the year before under the command of Generals Montgomery and Arnold. The regiment marched to Crown Point and proceeded to Montreal, and from there marched to Quebec.

The regiment arrived at Quebec in late April or early May of 1776, and was placed under the command of General Thomas. The regiment was stationed at Quebec until June 1, 1776, although they had no engagements with the British.

The regiment left Quebec on June 1, 1776 for Montreal. While at Montreal, General Thomas died of small pox. From Montreal the regiment marched to Crown Point, where they arrived in late June.

Job Halliday remained on post here the remainder of his enlistment, with the exception of two weeks when he was "sick in camp." Job Halliday received a written discharge, which he later lost, in late December 1776 and returned home.

When Job Halliday made his way west to Illinois is unknown, but September 4, 1843 when he was 88 years old he applied for a pension while a resident of Indian Creek near Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois.

This pension application was rejected because the State of Massachusetts could not find Job Halliday’s name on any rolls for that state, and they did not have records of soldiers who had served in Canada.

Job Halliday reapplied for a pension again on February 14, 1844. The status of this application has not been determined.

Job Halliday's date of death and resting place are also unknown, although it is surmised that he is buried in or near Ottawa in LaSalle County.

Job Halliday’s Revolutionary War Pension Application File #R.5148