Fox Valley Chapter Photo Gallery 2002


This page contains our photo gallery for 2002 which captures some of our events and activities as well as awards members have received or given at the state level.

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Photos from the Recreation of a Revolutionary War Battle at Catigny Park on June 29, 2002:

Photo of PicnicFox Valley Chapter members, family and friends enjoyed a picnic while touring the encampment of volunteers representing the American and British soldiers. It was fascinating to see how food was prepared and the actual size of a musket ball. There were over 100 volunteers all dressed in uniforms of the period. Here British soldiers invade our picnic!

Photo of Battle The recreation of the Revolutionary War battle was realistic with authentic artillery, mortar and muskets used to give spectators the feeling that they were actually at the battle. You can see that smoke was a typical part of every battlefield.

Photo from the annual Illinois State Convention in May 2002:

Photo of Picnic In the Renaissance Hotel in Springfield, State Registrar Duane Neet on the left and our own Sergeant of Arms Chuck Sener on the right, who was State President at the time, present the Knight Essay Award to a very proud High School student.