Fox Valley Chapter 2017 Photos & Events


This page contains the 2017 Fox Valley SAR photo gallery and a listing of our events.

This page is basically an archive of our home page during 2017.

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Fox Valley Chapter 2017 Events

We had informal monthly meetings hosted by our Chapter President, Harry Reineke IV, on the third Saturday of the month.

The monthly meetings were held in a comfortable atmosphere where members can sit down and have a nice conversation with Harry and other members. For 2017 most of our meetings were held at The Fox Restaurant in Lisle. April's meeting was at the Messenger Library in Aurora and was followed by a Drill & Grill event in Langum park hosted by Color Guard Captain Jon Fixmer.

We prepared for a patriot grave marking in 2017 for Daniel Burroughs however, the weather did not cooperate and rather than ask our guests to endure a cold rain, we postponed the ceremony until spring 2018. Patriot Burroughs is interred in the Griswold Cemetery in Plano, Kendall county, Illinois. See photos below of some of our preparations in Griswold Cemetery.

Spring Luncheon Meeting

Photos from our Spring Luncheon Meeting in the Gettysburg Room at Lincoln Inn Banquests, 1345 South Batavia Ave (Rte 31), Batavia, IL 60510 on April 23, 2017:

This year we had the honor of recognizing two outstanding young ladies for their achievements. Heather Gathmans and Abigail Sutter have been recognized not only by our chapter but by the State of Illinois for exemplary action. Heather wrote the Knight's essay contest winner With a Little Help highlighting the contributions of France and Spain to the cause of American Independence. Abigail has been recognized as the outstanding ROTC cadet of the year for our Fox Valley Chapter as well as the State of Illinois SAR organization. At this spring luncheon, we inducted new SAR members Herbert Martin, Enrique Martin, Paul Little and Eric Loydall. Rounding out the day, Terry Lynch gave a masterful presentation as Alexander Hamilton.

April2017Photo1 April2017Photo12 L: Kevin Alcott, gives the Knights Essay award to Heather Gathman.
R: Kevin and Heather are joined by Heather's mother Cindy and father Mike Gathman.
Spring2017Dinner2 April2017Photo3 L: Chapter President Harry Reineke IV presents the ROTC award to Abigail Sutter, assisted by President Emeritus, Mike Campagnolo.
R: Dale Bottom, Abigail Sutter, Harry Reineke IV and Mike Campagnolo pose with the Outstanding Cadet award.
Spring2017Dinner5 April2017Photo6 L: Ted Miller stands with this year's new chapter members Herbert Martin, Jr., Enrique Martin, Paul Little, and Eric Loydall with Jon Fixmer and Harry Reineke IV in the back row. R: Dan Smith receives an award from Color Guard Captain Jon Fixmer.
Spring2017Dinner6 April2017Photo8 L: Chip Dawes receives an award from Color Guard Captain Jon Fixmer. R:Don Parrish also receives an award from Color Guard Captain Jon Fixmer.
April2017Photo9 April2017Photo13 L: Members of the Color Guard pose in and out of Uniform.
R: Actor/Historian Terry Lynch as Alexander Hamilton gave a masterful performance conveying in first person what Founding Father and America's first great economist did for our country.

Fall Luncheon Meeting

Photos from our Fall Luncheon Meeting in the Gettysburg Room at Lincoln Inn Banquests, 1345 South Batavia Ave (Rte 31), Batavia, IL 60510 on October 22, 2017:

At our luncheon, we recognized new members as well as existing members receiving awards. The guest speaker was Al Potyen. Al has been a reenactor for over 40 years and is commander of the 2nd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line NWTA. Al is a retired hgh school teacher and has worked as exhibits technician at The First Division Museum, Cantigny and Firearms Expert at The Field Museum in Chicago. Al's presentation was "Strong Whiskey Distilling in the 18th Century". Today we take clean drinking water for granted. However at the time of the American Revolution water borne pathogens were not understood, but strong whiskey was known as a means of making water safer to drink. Three passes through the still (noted as XXX) gets the whiskey to about 190 proof and this whiskey would be added to a soldier's canteen to lessen the chances of disease.

Oct2017Photo1 Oct2017Photo2 L: Harry Reineke IV swears in new members (L to R) Gerald Paris, Harold Brunner and Christopher White and mom.
R: Harry Reineke IV, Gerald Paris, Harold Brunner and Christopher White and mom, and Ted Miller.
Oct2017Photo3 Oct2017Photo4 L: Ted Miler pins a rosette on our chapter's youngest member Christopher White.
R: A happy Christopher White charmed everyone present.
Oct2017Photo5 Oct2017Photo6 L: Ted Miller accepts the Liberty Medal from Mike Campagnolo.
R: Chapter President Harry Reineke IV recognising David Bailey with the SAR 1776 Delegate Level award from the SAR Center for Advancing America's Heritage.
Oct2017Photo7 Oct2017Photo8 L: Chip Dawes helping Ted Miller get the Revolutionary War Trivia game set up.
R:One of the Trivia questions.
Oct2017Photo9 Oct2017Photo10 L: Jon Fixmer and Mike Campagnolo enjoying their victory in the Revolutionary War Trivia contest.
R: Charlie Dawes having a good time learning about 18th century whiskey making.
Oct2017Photo11 Oct2017Photo12 L: Al Potyen showing Kevin Alcott the indigenously grown rye that goes into the still to make his whiskey.
R: Al and his whiskey still.

Additional Chapter Events and Outings

DuPage County Genealogical Convention in March

DCGC We participated in the DuPage County Genealogical Convention in March. Members included (left to right) Chip Dawes, Jon Fixmer, Ted Miller, Kevin Alcott and Mike Campagnolo.

Color Guard Drill and Grill in April

Drill and Grill Drill and Grill The color guard hosted a "Drill and Grill" in April where we were instructed in period technology and drill practice. Participants included Jon Fixmer, Harry Reineke IV, Chip Dawes, Charlie Dawes, Ted Miller, and Ray Beets.

Muzzle Loader Seminar in May

Muzzle Loader Seminar Muzzle Loader Seminar A local black power range hosted a muzzle loader seminar in May when many of our compatriots were given instruction in the use, care and maintenance of Revolutionary War period arms.
Muzzle Loader Seminar Muzzle Loader Seminar Participating members include Jon Fixmer, Mike Campagnolo, Scott Sanders, Chip Dawes, and Charlie Dawes.

Kane County Cougars Baseball Game in July

CougarGame2017 We joined the chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Children of the American Revolution (CAR) at a Kane County Cougars game in July. Chapter members included Jon Fixmer, Zachary Dawes, Chip Dawes and Ted Miller.

Color Guard George Washington Vigil in September

Washington Tomb Vigil Washington Tomb Vigil In September our chapter was honored to participate in the Washington Tomb Vigil in Mount Vernon Virginia. Our 3 compatriots took turns with other SAR compatriots from across the country standing guard at General Washington's tomb. Participating members were Jon Fixmer, Mike Campagnolo, and Chip Dawes.
Washington Tomb Vigil Washington Tomb Vigil L: The honor guard for this year's vigil. R: Mary Dawes (Chip's wife), Mike Campagnolo and Karen Campagnolo (Mike's wife) relax on the porch overlooking the Potomac River on the Washington estate.