Fox Valley Chapter 2003 Photos & Events


This page contains the 2003 Fox Valley SAR photo gallery and a listing of our events. The photos are shown in reverse chronological order followed by the chapters events.

There are 2 photos from 2002 and 1 photo from 2001 also on this page.

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Photos from Dinner Meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Naperville on November 16, 2003:

Dinner New Members Compatriots and guests from the DAR and CAR enjoyed their catered dinner. John H. Ruskamp (far right), secretary/registrar of the chapter, pinned SAR Rosettes on new members (left to right): John H. Ruskamp, Evan Broy, Mike Johnston, VP of the chapter, and Jim Brandon.

The Seners and Harry Windland Harry Windland and Dorothy Morriss Speaker Harry Windland is flanked by Helen and Chuck Sener, chapter Sergeant at Arms and planner of meeting. On the right, Dorothy Morriss who assists Bob Baird, chapter Treasurer, admires Harry authentic uniform from the Lewis and Clark regiment.

The Nagys and Harry Windland The Line Brothers and Harry Windland DAR member and CAR advisor Dr. Kim Nagy and her CAR daughters Amanda and Donna pose with Harry Windland. Brothers Donald and Darrell Line, who are finalizing their membership applications want to met Harry who is also the ILSSAR state registrar.

Harry Speaks John Speaks Harry has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Lewis and Clark expedition and delighted the crowd answering their questions. John H. Ruskamp showed photos of Lewis and Clark sites he visited and of the location of the new memorial stone in Wood River, Illinois marking their departure.

Photos from Cantigny Park in Winfield on June 22, 2003:

Photo of Fort Photo of Charge Compatriots and their wives pose in brilliant sunlight outside of the First Division Museum after viewing Civil War photos, experiencing a simulation of what it was like to land on the beach at Normandy in 1944, going thru WWI trenches and the jungles of Vietnam, etc. We enjoyed listening to the Aurora Legion Band play a fine selection of patriotic music to hundreds on the lawn.

Photos from the Civil War Days in Naperville on May 18, 2003:

Photo of Fort Photo of Charge Confederates defend the fort at Naper Settlement with thunderous cannon volleys while Union troops successfully charge. Over 100 soldier actors, who had encamped overnight, were involved and thousands of rounds exchanged during the battle recreation.

Photo of Grant and Lee Photo of Parrish and Lincoln General Ulysses S. Grant and General Robert E. Lee negotiate a peace treaty to end the Civil War -- at least for this year. Fox Valley SAR Chapter President Don Parrish congratulates President Abraham Lincoln on his Gettysburg address. The actor who played Lincoln was quick witted and enjoyed answering questions in a Lincolnesque fashion. It's a real experience to interact with Lincoln.

Photos from the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Society of the SAR (ILSSAR) in Springfield on May 3, 2003:

Photo of John Ruskamp John Ruskamp, recently installed as President of the Illinois Children of the American Revolution in a ceremony at Mount Vernon, gave a speech to the ILSSAR explaining his plans for CAR including improvements which should lead to more CAR members becoming SAR members after they reach the maximum CAR membership age. Stephen Bradley, President of the ILSSAR, presented John the bronze Good Citizenship Award.

Photo of John Ruskamp John Ruskamp, our Chapter Secretary and former Chapter President, received a special service award from the Children of the American Revolution. Stephen Bradley, President of the ILSSAR, made the presentation. It was a unique experience to see father and son honored in back to back presentations.

Eagle Scout Sean Buckley, State Eagle Scout Committee Chairman, presented a trophy to this year's outstanding Eagle Scout in Illinois. Matt, who has the amazing total of 71 merit badges, gave an insightful talk on the importance of intelligence in the Revolutionary War. You can see the enthusiasm even in this poor quality photo. Check out our chapter's programs for eagle scouts.

Photo taken in the home of Bob Baird on April 9, 2003:

Photo of Bob BairdThe Fox Valley chapter not only sponsors events for our chapter compatriots and their families, but other civic and patriotic activities as well. Here Bob Baird, our Chapter Treasurer, puts the finishing touches on the Outstanding Citizenship awards which he sends to 69 high schools in our area each year. These embossed awards are presented to the outstanding student in citizenship at the high school's annual awards assembly typically held in May.

Photos from the Recreation of a Revolutionary War Battle at Catigny Park on June 29, 2002:

Photo of PicnicFox Valley Chapter members, family and friends enjoyed a picnic while touring the encampment of volunteers representing the American and British soldiers. It was fascinating to see how food was prepared and the actual size of a musket ball. There were over 100 volunteers all dressed in uniforms of the period. Here British soldiers invade our picnic!

Photo of Battle The recreation of the Revolutionary War battle was realistic with authentic artillery, mortar and muskets used to give spectators the feeling that they were actually at the battle. You can see that smoke was a typical part of every battlefield.

Photo from the annual Illinois State Convention in May 2001:

Photo of Picnic In the Renaissance Hotel in Springfield, State Registrar Duane Neet on the left and our own Sergeant of Arms Chuck Sener on the right, who was State President at the time, present the Knight Essay Award to a very proud High School student.


2003 Events - Fox Valley SAR Chapter

Here was the schedule of chapter events in 2003. Clicking on the location, links you to the MapQuest web site for details on how to reach that location.

  • May 18 - "Civil War Days" - Gettysburg Address & Battle Reenactment - in Naperville
    We will gather for a free hamburger and hot dog lunch at 12:00 noon at the Naperville home (918 Monticello Dr.) of John and Linda Ruskamp. Entrance to Naper Settlement where the Civil War battle with 150 actors is held costs $8 for adults, $7 for seniors and $5 for children. Members and their families are invited for the free lunch and we'll explain the best places to park around Naper Settlement to see this wonderful event. The Gettysburg address starts at 2:00 pm and the battle reenactment starts at 2:30 pm. This should be a memorable event.

  • June 22 - "Aurora Legion Band" - Patriotic Big Band Music - Cantigny Park
    We will gather in the lobby of the First Division museum at 1:45pm. The museum has excellent permanent displays on WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and a visiting display on the Civil War. The music lasts from 3:00 to 4:00pm outside - so bring a folding lawn chair or blanket if you want. The entrance fee, the museum and the music are free, but it costs $7 to park your car.

  • Nov 16 - "Fall Dinner Meeting" - Talks on Lewis and Clark Project - Holiday Inn in Naperville.
    All SAR, DAR and CAR members and their guests are welcome to attend!!
    This promises to be an exciting event with talks from Harry Windland, Registrar for the Illinois Society of the SAR and appointed by the Governor of Illinois to serve on the Illinois Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission and John H. Ruskamp, State President of the Illinois Society Children of the American Revolution and sponsor of a permanent marker to commemorate the departure of Lewis and Clark on the Mississippi River.
    Meeting will be held in the Skylight Room of the Holiday Inn at 1801 Naper Road in Naperville
    Overview of Agenda
    5:00 - 5:30pm   Pre-dinner cocktails
    5:30 - 7:00pm   Dinner
    7:00 - 8:00pm   Talk by Harry Windland on 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark Expedition
    8:00 - 8:30pm   Talk by John H. Ruskamp on Memorial to Lewis and Clark Departure Point
    8:30 - 9:00pm   Social Time
    Cost of sit down dinner -- $30 for persons over 12 years old
                                         -- $15 for children's menu for 10 and 11 year olds
                                         -- $10 for talks without dinner
    Send checks to Dorothy Morriss, 900 Hill Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

2003 Events - National and Illinois SAR

Here are some of the events of the NSSAR and the ILSSAR scheduled in 2003. Please note the National Congress of the SAR is in Chicago this year. Go to their websites (National SAR or Illinois SAR) for more details.

  • May 2 and 3 - Annual State Meeting - in Springfield
  • July 2 thru 9 - NSSAR National Congress - in Chicago
  • July 8 - "National SAR Congress" - Banquet in Chicago - Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • August 22 and 23 - Board of Managers Meeting - in Decatur
  • November 14 and 15 - Board of Managers Meeting - in Peoria